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Our Needs

Outdated, Inefficient Kitchen

We serve 16,000 meals of various sorts every year and our kitchen, built in 1991, has never been updated. We can’t get replacement parts for some of the outdated equipment, have run out of storage space, and have even had to discontinue some annual dinner events because they have outgrown the kitchen’s capacity to serve them.

Outdated and Inaccessible Restrooms

Most of our restrooms haven’t been updated since they were installed 25 or more years ago. There are plumbing issues and the sewers often back up, and, overall, they don’t make a good impression on visitors.

We lack an ADA-compliant restroom on the lower level near the gym. Though we installed a wheelchair-accessible restroom on the upper level immediately off our narthex, not having one on the lower level, near where many of our events take place, contradicts the welcoming, caring spirit of this church.

Outdated Technologies

We use a variety of technologies to support our message, ministries, and mission. Some older equipment and software is obsolete and others are costlier to maintain than to replace.

  • Most of our computers are more than five years old, well past their useful life.
  • The sanctuary’s core control console is sorely outdated and difficult to operate. We also are unable to livestream our services or record them for our website.
  • Our Wi-Fi system is inadequate and inaccessible throughout the building. This limits where people can work and restricts where internet resources can be used in real time for education, training, and service projects.
  • Classrooms and meeting spaces are heavily used but only a few have modern multi-media equipment. This severely limits our ability to use the large store of digital religious and educational resources available today.
  • Our two major databases (Power-Church for finance, and Servant-Keeper® for membership) lack user-friendly web features and don’t give us the church membership data we need.

Impediments in the Sanctuary

Our sanctuary, while beautiful, increasingly challenges and limits our service participants.

  • The cramped space for instruments, musicians and vocalists is inadequate, especially at the contemporary worship service. It makes it difficult to set up and limits both the number and variety of musicians who can take part.
  • The inefficient, incandescent lighting fixtures are outdated. Our attempted repairs have failed so illumination options are limited.
  • The audio-visual controls are under the overflow area’s low ceiling so operators don’t hear the sound properly. This makes it very difficult to regulate the audio effectively.
  • Many long pews are awkward for anyone to get to interior seats.
  • Evident on Christmas, Easter, and other large church events, it is standing room only for many worshipers. If we want to be ready to grow, we need to accommodate the overflow.

Aging Roof and Heating and Cooling Systems

To provide a consistently comfortable environment for our ministries, we need the climate control and protection our HVAC systems and roof respectively provide. Being financially ready to replace them will prevent break downs from interrupting  and potentially diverting dollars away from our ministry.

  • We have replaced some of the older of our 15 separate HVAC units and we’ll soon need to replace the others. Replacing the two large sanctuary and east wing rooftop units and other older units will be costly, about $300,000.
  • The east wing’s flat roof above the classrooms and narthex is nearing the end of its expected life and is costing $5,000 a year for patching. The replacement cost is about $100,000.

Inadequate Parking

When we expanded our facilities in 2002, we envisioned expanding the parking also. That vision never materialized, and the need for more parking has grown. To offer the most convenient and welcoming access to our church, we must address these concerns.

  • The lack of a covered drop-off area is a disservice to any physically challenged member or visitor.
  • Our aging members don’t want to park “down the hill” from the upper church entrance, especially in harsh weather. The long walk from the lower level entrance and elevator also can be a challenge.
  • Studies show that growth is impeded once parking nears eighty percent of capacity (our level for quite some time). During Sunday transition times, parking congestion is an annoyance and a safety risk.
  • At Christmas and Easter, parking demand exceeds the supply. Our arranged offsite parking forces members and visitors to stress about getting here early. And, we don’t know how many visitors do not attend because they don’t see a place to park.