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Our Plans

To address these various needs, we’ve put together an exciting plan for our facilities that follows the results and recommendations of our recent Planning and Feasibility Study.

Renovated and New Restrooms

We will update all of our original restrooms that haven’t been updated since their original construction (those across from the Fireside Room, beneath the sanctuary, in the education wing, and behind the kitchen pantry near the gym). A new ADA-Compliant restroom will be built on the lower level near the kitchen.

  • All of our existing restrooms will get new partitions, flooring, fixtures, and other finishes.
  • Automatic lighting controls and new flush valves will provide a more sanitary and less-wasteful environment.
  • On the lower level, we will convert a maintenance room near the kitchen into a new, single-use, unisex, wheel-chair accessible restroom.

Renovated Kitchen

A completely renovated kitchen will help build the relationships and friendships that food and fellowship encourage.

  • We will put in a new floor, ceiling, counters, cabinets, range and hood, convection ovens, and refrigerator. We’ll bring systems up to code.
  • Good condition items will stay—the icemaker, triple-sink and the dishwasher sink. Some items will be relocated to make preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards more efficient.
  • We will enlarge the pantry for equipment storage so that volunteers don’t have to go hunting for items tucked away in some closet.
  • One kitchen entry door will swing in and one will swing out to reduce potential traffic collisions.

An Updated Sanctuary 

We will update the sanctuary to enhance our worship.

  • The audio-visual control board will be relocated for more accurate sound control and new flooring will further improve acoustics.
  • New LED lighting fixtures will be brighter, dimmable, energy-efficient and flexible to adjust lighting for print and screen viewing.
  • Our long pews will be shortened and we will use chairs to make finding a seat at worship easier. Chairs also will give us flexibility when setting up for special programs.
  • To give our musicians and worship leaders more room, we will expand the platform on their side of the altar.
  • On the other side of the altar, space designated for families will make it easier to involve children in worship.
  • To provide overflow seating, the east sanctuary wall will become a movable partition to the narthex. Sound resistent panels will let light in, but not outside distractions.

Upgraded Technologies

Technology improvements will further improve our ability to create a “WHIRL”-wind of mission and ministry at Good Shepherd.
AV Equipment Upgrades: We will complete all the sanctuary audio/video equipment upgrades still needed, including:

  • An updated, easier-to-use, sound control board that better integrates sound with our presentation equipment.
  • An amplified sound system for the hearing impaired and overflow speakers in the Fireside Room.
  • Digital tools that will allow us to live-stream our services on the internet and post them to our website.
  • Mobile devices (tablets) and software for music ministry to make planning and leading worship more efficient. 
    Computer Upgrades: All outdated computers, software, and network equipment will be replaced with ones that have room for growth. Staff will be equipped with mobile devices (tablets), specialized software, and training to make day-to-day operations more efficient.
  • New Classroom Technologies: So that every leader can use the digital religious and education resources they need, we’ll mount networked monitors in our classrooms, install new network and electrical wiring, and upgrade our wireless network.
  • Upgrade Database Software: To remove data entry duplication and improve our ability to connect members to each other and to our ministry, we’ll merge our two membership databases and migrate to a more robust and flexible system.

A Capital Reserve Fund

To be prepared for major and expected maintenance projects, including our planned HVAC and roof replacements, we will establish a dedicated Capital Reserve Fund with a minimum balance of $500,000. The fund will remain restricted for capital improvements and our Facilities Management and Planning Committee will develop a maintenance and equipment replacement schedule to provide the Church Council a forecast of planned expenditures. This will prevent us from being caught off guard by a system failure or an unplanned expense associated with ongoing maintenance.

A New Upper Parking Lot and  North Entrance Cover/Walkway

We plan to construct a covered entrance and new parking lot at the top of the stairs at the north end of our property. Sixty-eight parking spaces will be added. Some will be at the current parking grade, but most will be at the upper level.

  • The covered drop-off and entrance will protect passengers from poor weather conditions.
  • Depending on our campaign’s success, a covered walkway will extend from the new entrance to the upper lot.
  • The new lot will be lighted and additional lighting will be added to our poorly lit parking areas.

This new parking lot will provide more parking close to the north entrance and more parking at Christmas and Easter.
Members should be aware that this plan replaces earlier plans to use the property to the west of the church for expanded parking. Because neighborhood residents have blocked that expansion, we will evaluate whether to keep the property for new ministry uses or put it on the market. In the meantime, we will continue to lease the property at a profit.