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Our Needs

Avoiding or limiting debt allows funds to be available to enhance liturgy, maintain facilities, and foster and serve our community. 


$2.25 million

Original Construction Estimate

$2.1 million

Amount Raised:
Journey of Faith – From Generation to Generation Campaign

$1.9 million

Additional Cost:

  • Change orders by former church leadership – improvements
  • Original contractor grossly under-estimated costs.
  • Construction costs have significantly increased in the last
Deciding to Move Forward

The Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Committee, Building Committee, and Fr. Charlie decided to move forward with the proposed renovations and construction. The Diocese graciously agreed to loan St. Francis de Sales the money needed to finish the project at a favorable interest rate.

$9,000/mo/30 yrs

Debt Service

If we need to borrow the entire amount, servicing this $1.9 million debt out of offering and operating income could cripple our parish and lead to layoffs and program and ministry reductions. This would be an unfair outcome after your already generous support of this critically important project and campaign.