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Our Plans

Reduce or Eliminate the Need to Borrow $1.9 Million

After much discussion and prayer, the parish leadership including Fr. Charlie, the Pastoral Council, and the Finance Committee have decided to embark on another, three-year capital campaign. The goal will be to raise most, if not all, of the remaining $1.9 million. Reducing or eradicating the need to borrow this amount will avoid massive personnel and program reductions in the future.

Raise $131,000 for This Year's Diocesan CSA

Our parish's one year funding goal for the Diocesan CSA, which provides support for Diocesan ministries, is $131,000.

Wrapping this amount into our debt campaign will help the Diocese address their needs and serve as a fitting tribute and thank you gift to them for their help to our parish in our time of need. It also will avoid our having to come back to parishioners this year with yet another appeal.

Lingering debt will jeopardize the growth of our parish. With the continuing generosity of our parishioners, we will be able to avoid or limit our debt and continue to grow our ministries.